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Link Loader LL335

A solução universal para agrupamento de salsichas

Universal Solution for Grouping Sausages.

Triangular Conveyor

  • Flexible product depositing formats, even for complex applications
  • Possibility of creating very close formations, as if laid out ideally by hand
  • Less product damage, whether grouped loosely or tightly in trays

Transferring tot he Chamber Belt

  • Reliable quality standard für your product
  • Improved hygiene by less product handling
  • Fully automatic product discharging
  • No damaged product goes to sales


  • No uncontrolled movements when depositing, perfect alignment in tray
  • No manual correction required
  • Less reworking

Integrated Tray Denester with Tray Feed Belt

  • Perfect tray supply by integrated system
  • All common tray formats can be handled, guaranteeing flexibility
  • Reduced setup times
  • No interface to equipment made by other manufacturers
  • High and deep trays can be loaded safely and flexibly
[] Link Loader LL335

More Characteristics about Link Loader LL335 :

  • End product reliably improved regardless of casing type
  • Utilisation of production capacity by means of flexible automation
  • Complex production optimisation from a single source, without interfaces
  • Limitless freedom in loading of product formats and trays
  • Higher product yield since damaged products are discharged early on
  • Increase in productivity by fully controlled and gentle product handling throughout the complete process