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Roller Filling Head WFK863

The roller filling head WFK863 portions doughs and other measures directly into baking-tins.

Further Characteristics of the WFK863:

  • Portioning of soft doughs for wholemeal breads, rye and rye-mix breads, pumpernickel, gluten-free breads and special breads into baking tins
  • Production of stick breads possible
  • High portioning rate of up to 50 portions per minute
  • The rapid-replacement outlet nozzles allow you to create a wide variety of product shapes and sizes as required
[Translate to Russisch:] Füllen im Backformen

Customer-specific requirements

Adjustment of the pan filling device to customer-specific requirements possible.

Highly economical

The achievable portioning rates and the precise weight control ensure extremely efficient operation.

No need for cutting oil

Cost of cutting oil no longer incurred. The tin filling device is 100% oil free.