Natural Raw Pet Food

Produce biologically species-appropriate fresh pet food.

Natural Raw Pet Food

Produce biologically species-appropriate fresh pet food.

Weight accurate and hygienic manufacturing of natural raw pet food

Our machine solutions cut chunky products accurately and cleanly by weight and portion them into the container of your choice.

  • Pet food from fresh or frozen fresh meat, offal, bones and fish, supplemented with fruit and vegetables.
  • Portioning directly into the container, for example thermoformed packaging
Fresh Pet Food

Natural raw pet food

Weight accurate and hygienic processing with our machine solutions

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Clipped Fresh Pet Food Products

Clipped products

Clipped fresh pet food
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All-round solutions for your production

We offer flexible solutions for the manufacture of your products. Take a look at a selection of our machines.

Formed Fresh Pet Food
Clipped Fresh Pet Food
Forming of Products with the Forming Machine FM250
Natural raw pet food
Efficiently Manufactured Natural Raw Pet Food

The Forming Machine FM250 shapes fresh pet food in a form-stable and weight accurate manner with up to 300 portions per minute. The mass is fed particularly gently.

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Forming of Products with the Cutting Device ASV811
Natural raw pet food
Clean Cutting of Natural Raw Pet Food

The cutting device ASV811 can cut fresh pet food portions by weight at a rate of 140 portions per minute. Portion weights range from 5 g to 30,000 g.

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Vacuum Filling Machine HP25E
Clipped natural raw pet food
One Series of Vacuum Filling Machines for All Requirements

Almost unlimited power reserves for extremely high throughput and maximum torques support the user in every situation. The vacuum filling machines of the HPE series cover the entire production spectrum. In accordance with your individual requirements, portion sizes from 5 g to 99,999 g can be processed. The vacuum filling machines can achieve a filling capacity of up to 8,700 kg per hour. Thanks to the proven double screw technology, the vacuum filling machines portion with extreme weight accuracy. The industrial filling machines feature the VEMAG Duo Drive, consisting of two separate drives for the feeding element and the feed unit. The drives operate independently of each other and ensure that performance does not drop even with cold, very solid masses.

The vacuum filling machines of the HPE series can be combined with all common clipping machines.


VEMAG Double Screw Technology
Double screw technology for the production of natural raw pet food

Individually adjustable filling process for unique products

Filling and portioning play an important role in the production of fresh pet food. Various parameters such as geometry, component size and function have an influence on essential product characteristics from the hopper to the outlet. VEMAG solutions are precisely adapted to the characteristics of the desired end product. Perfect weight accuracy and a measurable reduction in give-away save valuable resources and costs.

  • Continuous product infeed
  • Constant vacuum performance
  • Gentle feeding of the product
  • Minimization of residual quantities
  • Perfect hygiene
Customer Center Michael Ebersberg
Customer center with EU food approval

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