Grinding and separating

Gentle and efficient processing with machine solutions from VEMAG.

Grinding and separating

Gentle and efficient processing with machine solutions from VEMAG.

Grinding & Separating

All in one step

VEMAG filling and separating grinders reduce processing times in material preparation and, in combination with the continuous Separator813, ensure first-class product quality as well as reliable product safety.

  • Perfect product appearance and maximum product quality
  • Efficient product preparation, shortened processing steps
  • Reliable removal of unwanted particles
Grinding & separating

Our solutions for grinding and separating

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VEMAG Grinding Technology
Grinding and Separating in One Step

The Separation Grinder982 ensures uniform and clear particle size and thus an ideal product appearance. Product preparation is significantly simplified and shortened.

The attachment for vacuum filling machines with a double screw has a hole plate diameter of 130 mm and has no drive of its own, as the double screw directly drives the knife shaft. The Separation Grinder982 grinds the product to final particle size. The Separator 813 simultaneously separates bone particles, rinds, cartilage and sinews. The combination of HPE and grinder can be used directly for providing desired batch sizes - subsequent weighing and thus additional work steps are eliminated. Efficient processing in integrated line solutions is also possible.

Grinding, Filling and Linking in One Step

With the Filling Grinder980 VEMAG opens up new ways in grinding technology. Integrated processing makes it possible to grind the product to final grain size and, if necessary, also to separate bone particles and sinews at the same time - directly during filling and linking.

The Filling Grinder980 with a hole plate diameter of 100 mm is designed as an attachment for vacuum filling machines with a double screw. It does not require its own drive, as the double screw directly drives the knife shaft. The filling grinder is attached to the outlet of the machine and can be combined with other attachments such as linking gears and casing holding devices as well as clipping machines.

By combining the grinding and filling processes, one to two complete work steps can be saved, depending on the application.

Also featured in the line:

Separation Grinder983
The Largest Inline Grinder for Vacuum Filling Machines

The Separation Grinder983 is the largest inline grinder for vacuum filling machines. In combination with the XP2 filling machine, it grinds the product to final grain size. The Separator 813 separates unwanted product components fully automatically and continuously in the same step. In this way, the Separation Grinder983 guarantees products with uniform and clear particle size. Product preparation is significantly simplified and shortened, even at extremely high output rates.

Minced Meat Attachment801
Safe and Efficient Processing of Minced Meat

The Minced Meat Attachment801 adds a component to the VEMAG grinding system. It is the ideal supplement to the Separation Grinder982 and can be retrofitted at any time.

The combination of a grinder and a minced meat attachment makes the production of minced meat and the simultaneous separation of unwanted hard components even more efficient and safe. The otherwise usual pre-cutting to final particle size is not needed any longer. The extremely low temperature input (< 1°C) as well as the high hygiene standard of the VEMAG vacuum filling machines ensure optimum hygiene conditions during production.


Grinding & separating
Separation for Maximum Product Safety

With the Separator813 in combination with the Separation Grinder982 or Separation Grinder983 hard components such as bones, cartilage or sinews are automatically and continuously removed from the product flow and product safety is increased.

Burgers, minced meat, sausages, and all other products consisting of minced raw materials are given a special boost by the Separator813. Only undesirable foreign substances are effectively separated from the product flow. Separation of high-quality raw material is prevented by the precise adjustment option of the device. The yield thus increases and so does the profitability of production.

Filling Grinder985: The Filling & Grinding Solution for Small Scale Production

The Filling Grinder985 in combination with the vacuum filling machine HP1 for simultaneous grinding and filling of masses guarantees improved and reproducible product quality and simplifies work steps. The Filling Grinder985 can process masses - whether meat or plant-based - down to a temperature of -1°C to produce, for example, fresh sausage, salami and other products. Depending on requirements, work steps such as cutting or pre-cutting of the mass can be optimized or shortened. This reduces the number of work steps for the operator. The hole plates (70 mm disc diameter) are interchangeable and freely selectable.

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Grinding, separating and filling - all in one!

A very efficient extension of the VEMAG vacuum filling machine is the use of the VEMAG inline grinder technology for direct grinding and separation during the filling process. The pre-sized product is fed by the double screw of the filling machine. The double screw also serves as the drive for the VEMAG inline grinder. The grinding is always constant and perfectly synchronized, regardless of the speed. Synchronization of the system components is not necessary, which makes the system particularly easy to handle.

The straight product-feed through the knives and hole plates of the grinding attachment prevents dead spots and transport losses, true to the motto "first in first out". By grinding to final particle size during the filling process, delicate fresh meat products are filled with a maximum level of gentle product treatment. The particle structure has an extremely regular distribution and the system guarantees a perfect product appearance, with clean separation of lean and fat particles, without any smearing.

The inline grinder technology can be extended by using a separator. The latter reliably separates unwanted particles such as cartilage or bone splinters, resulting in a flawless end product. The VEMAG Separation Grinder982, in combination with the Separator813, provides considerably improved separation results using a newly developed separating knife. The undesired separation of red meat components is reduced by up to 60%. You can count on the fact that only cartilage, hard parts and other unwanted particles are reliably separated out.

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