Your individual product - our individual solutions

Technology tailored to your requirements.

Your individual product - our individual solutions

Technology tailored to your requirements.

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Our innovative individual solutions transform every challenge into success - your inspiration, our creation.

Three-lane filling system for portioning in a thermoforming machine

For a customer with an existing thermoforming packaging machine, we developed a three-lane filling system consisting of a vacuum filling machine and filling heads, mounted on a two-axis linear system, installed in a movable stainless steel frame. With a portioning capacity of 8 cycles per minute, different portion sizes can be filled directly into the packaging machine with absolute cleanliness and accurate weight, without contaminating the sealing surface. This significantly reduces rework.

Forming and portioning sticks on 24 lanes

The objective was to form as many sticks as possible from the South American root vegetable manioc on a specified belt width of 1200 mm and portion them into a deep fryer via a conveyor belt. The sticks were to have a constant portion weight of 18 grams at maximum output (144,000 sticks per hour). Our solution, a 24-lane filling flow divider with an integrated cutting device, met all the customer's requirements and was a complete success.

Sheeting horn for portioning cheese layer on pizza

This project aimed to portion a 2 mm thick cheese slab onto an existing pizza line at a rate of 9-15 portions per minute. Particularly important: a uniform length, layer thickness, and smooth edges. A vacuum filling machine from the HPE series and a manually adjustable sheeting horn with a cutting device in a C-profile frame for positioning the system above the existing pizza line reduced the rework effort and the customer's give-away.

12-lane injection system for filling pastries

The customer's requirement was to fill a prefabricated cookie with 15 g of chocolate cream. Twenty-five units of 12 buns each were to be processed per minute. The Robot500 vacuum filling machine and a 12-lane filling flow divider with twelve adjustable injection nozzles, mounted on a pneumatically driven vertical axis and an index belt, allowed the filling to be placed in the middle of the product with absolute weight accuracy.


The customer's product, XL meatballs, needed to be perfectly formed at maximum output and then portioned into a cooking system. It was particularly important for the meatballs to retain their shape throughout the cooking process. Our solution: adapting our standard Ball Control BC236 machine to an even larger and more powerful machine - the Ball Control BC236 XL combined with an extra-large conveyor belt. Thanks to the simple exchange of the forming nozzles, other shapes can also be produced quickly and easily, offering the customer additional flexibility.


The customer's objective was to identify an effective solution for denesting, filling, and closing trays of varying formats. The goal was to fill and close approximately 30 trays per minute with a chunky salad mixture. The customer's objective was achieved with a customized solution consisting of a filling head, rotating filling station with tray denester and sealing function. The mixture is portioned into the cups cleanly with great precision and weight accuracy and the cups are then sealed.

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