Wet pet food

Wet pet food in cans, trays, cups, jars and thermoformed packaging.

Wet pet food

Wet pet food in cans, trays, cups, jars and thermoformed packaging.

Accurate filling of wet pet food

Wet food is often offered in cans, trays or other containers. Our machines work accurately, quickly and reliably when portioning masses with different consistencies - from liquid to highly viscous.

Wet Pet Food in Trays

Wet pet food

  • Filling chunky or ground wet food accurately and cleanly into the container of your choice
  • Easy portioning of products with high meat content as well as sinewy material
  • Identical filling quantities
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Produce wet pet food

All-round solutions for your production

We offer flexible solutions for the manufacture of your products. Take a look at a selection of our machines.

Wet Food
Filling of Containers with the Can Filling Line FKF607
Wet pet food
Clean Filling of Cans

The Can Filling Line FKF607  fills coarse and sinewy products automatically and without air pockets into containers. Precisely adjustable volumes guarantee maximum weight accuracy. Depending on weight and raw material, up to 120 cans, jars and cups can be filled per minute. A format change to another can height takes only a few minutes.

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Filling of Containers with the FKL609
Wet pet food
Clean and Drip-free Filling for Excellent Product Appearance

The fully automatic Filling Line FKL609 fills your liquid and pasty products into cans, cups or jars at a portioning speed of up to 60 portions per minute. Format changes are quick and easy.

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Filling of Containers with the Cup Filling Line
Wet pet food
Precise Portioning into Cups

The Cup Filling Line fully automatically and weight accurately fills viscous masses into trays in multiple lanes. The filling heads are tailored to the product, dive deep into the respective packaging and close quickly, cleanly and reliably. This guarantees optimum filling results without dripping. The setup consists of a vacuum filling machine, a filling flow divider and filling heads. The vacuum filling machine portions with utmost weight accuracy. The product is divided into several lanes by means of the drive-free, state-of-the-art and patented filling flow divider technology. Chunky pieces are retained.

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VEMAG Double Screw Technology
Double screw technology for the production of wet pet food

Individually adjustable filling process for unique products

Filling and portioning play an important role in the manufacture of wet pet food products. Various parameters such as geometry, component size and function have an influence on essential product characteristics from the hopper to the outlet. VEMAG solutions are precisely adapted to the characteristics of the desired end product. Perfect product weight accuracy and a measurable reduction in give-away save valuable resources and costs.

  • Continuous product infeed
  • Constant vacuum performance
  • Gentle feeding of the product
  • Minimization of residual quantities
  • Perfect hygiene
Customer Center Michael Ebersberg
Customer center with EU food approval

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Premium products for demanding pets

When it comes to food, our pets depend on the reliability of their owners. And they, in turn, must depend on the reliability of your products - so put your trust in VEMAG! With our flexible and reliable machine solutions, you can fill your wet pet food into trays, cans, cups, jars or thermoformed packaging.

Together we ensure that pets are offered only the best.



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