We portion your product

Precise and gentle portioning with dough portioners by VEMAG.

We portion your product

Precise and gentle portioning with dough portioners by VEMAG.


The right machine for your application

Regardless of the application and output rate: VEMAG dough portioners cover the entire range of requirements for processing dough and masses. The spectrum ranges from small scale solutions to highly industrialized applications.

  • Dough portioners for small businesses and industrial producers
  • Precise and weight accurate portioning of soft, stiff and chunky masses
  • Processing without dividing oil
  • Easy handling & intuitive operation
  • Simple cleaning
We portion your products

Our dough portioners

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According to your individual product and production requirements, we offer many more solutions.

Industrial solutions
Small scale solutions
Dough Portioners
Dough Portioners
VEMAG Dough Divider VDD807
Dough portioner
Oil-free and Weight Accurate Dough Portioning

The dough portioner VDD807 with integrated cutting device and conveyor belt was specially developed for gentle, continuous and oil-free dough portioning. With portioning rates of up to 320 portions per minute and portion sizes from 100 g to 2,000 g, the dough portioner guarantees exact weights and maximum flexibility.

Also featured in the line:

  • VPC715 weighing system
VEMAG Dough Portionier VDP230
Dough portioner
The Dough Portioner for Flexible Production of Doughs and Masses

The VEMAG dough portioner VDP230 is an efficient industrial solution with enormous output capacity. It portions at top speed in two lanes with extreme weight accuracy. The VDP230 is therefore the optimal attachment for increasing productivity. The VDP230 dough portioner accurately portions wheat-based doughs for toast, sandwiches, pizza, and much more with maximum output. The innovative unit portions up to 160 portions per minute and per lane. The total capacity of the line is thus 320 p/min and covers all requirements of modern industry.

Dough Portioner Robot500 with Cutting Device ASV811
Dough portioner
The Flexible Dough Portionier for a Wide Range of Applications

The flexible dough portioner Robot500 with double screw for dough yields of 140-220 is suitable for a wide range of applications: from weight accurate production of rye, wheat, and stiff shortbread doughs to soft whipped batters and biscuit doughs. An integrated flour filter prevents flour dust from indtruding sensitive machine components.

Also featured in the line:

Dough Portioner HP1
Portioning of bread dough
The Flexible Dough Portioner with Double Screw for All Tasks

The dough portioner HP1 in combination with the Portioning Table gently processes rye, wheat and shortcrust doughs. The HP1 also portions soft and stiff doughs extremely weight accurately.The dough portioner requires no dividing oil and processes doughs with dough yields of 155-220.

VEMAG Double Screw Technology

Flexible double screw technology for highest product quality

The VEMAG double screws operate according to the double spindle principle and transport the raw material evenly and gently to the outlet. Filling losses are reduced and the overall costs of the process are optimized thanks due to the durability of the technology.

Thanks to the VEMAG Duo Drive with two separate drives for the double screw and the feed unit, the feeding of VEMAG filling machines can be individually adapted to the product and the customer's requirements. The optional use of different double screw versions offer users a wide range of specialized applications. Thus, all VEMAG filling machines are the ideal and precise portioning unit for downstream attachments, for example to produce formed or multi-lane filled products.

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Profitable investment

Our dough portioners are characterized by absolute portioning accuracy and gentle processing of the filling material. Thanks to the proven double screw technology the portioners fill and portion even stiff and cold masses reliably and with remarkable consistency, ensuring maximum weight accuracy.

The dough portioners are the heart of complete production lines. Combined with individually adaptable attachments, they fulfill far more than the "classic" tasks of portioning and filling. Flexibility, reliability, durability, suited for everyday use. Reduction of give-away and ease of use result in an exemplary return on investment and make our solutions the ideal partner.

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