Final exams passed!

Final exams passed!


Final exams passed!

"If you're looking for a varied and future-oriented apprenticeship, VEMAG is the right place for you," says Kai, who has just passed his final exam to become a machinist.

Julian also passed the exam and remembers: "In the first year of our apprenticeship, we were in the apprenticeship workshop and learned the basic tasks involved in working with metal: Filing, drilling, sawing. Later, we were also allowed to work on the conventional lathes and milling machines."

The VEMAG apprentices work in various areas throughout their training, organized by an internal transfer plan. "In the first year of our apprenticeship, we manufactured a diesel lock. During the project, we used all kinds of metalworking techniques and finally assembled all the individual parts. That was a lot of fun, because at the end we had something that we could be proud of," reports Eray. He has also just passed his final exam.

Lukas, who also passed his exam, reports that the second-year apprentices were given an insight into production before their intermediate exam. "We were divided into CNC milling and CNC lathe work. During this period, we got to know our future workplace and our future colleagues. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. Questions of all kinds were answered and every process was explained to us in detail," says Lukas.

To prepare for the intermediate exam, the apprentices returned to the apprenticeship workshop before going back to production to prepare for the final exam.

We proudly congratulate our four machinists on passing their exams!

If you would also like to become part of our team and  learn the profession of a machinist, for example, then apply now at "". We look forward to receiving your application!


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