Cup Filling Line

The cup filling line is a fully automatic multi-lane system for weight-accurate filling of viscous mixtures into cups, trays and thermoformers etc.

Characteristics of the cup filling line:

  • Latest and patented filling flow divider technology
  • Deep immersion of the filling heads into the receptacle
  • Excellent filling results and drip-free dosing thanks to product-tailored filling heads
  • Versatile application e.g. liver sausage, spreadable sausage types, cream cheese, mashed potatoes

Clean packaging edges

  • The cup filling system consists of a vacuum filler, a filling flow divider and filling heads, perfectly adapted to the product
  • Quick, clean and reliable closing of each filling head
  • Double stroke principle: the product residue possibly remaining at the piston base after filling are removed by a second consecutive piston stroke
  • Clean packaging edges for reliable processing


Accurate filling quantities

  • Weight-accurate portioning of the filling machine
  • The modern and patented filling flow divider technology with no additional drive distributes the product into multiple lanes
  • Horizontally and vertically moveable filling heads immerse deeply into the tray for perfect filling of the receptacle from the bottom to the top
  • Extremely gentle process, even coarse particles are preserved
  • Excellent weight-accuracy
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