No longer a trend but reality. There are various reasons to choose plant-based products. A healthier diet, considering the climate and the environment or simply for reasons of animal welfare  - more and more consumers are reducing the meat consumtion in their daily diet. The decision to buy and consume a product is heavily influenced by its appearance and shape. VEMAG offers you not only years of expertise in the field of plant-based products, but also custom-made machine solutions for your individual requirements. 


  • Cup-filling

    Precise filling of convenient packaging alternatives especially for products of low viscosity.

  • Formed products

    A wide range of solutions for the production of weight accurate and shapeable products.

  • Minced products

    Industrially produced with hand-made quality: VEMAG grinding systems perfectly work for plant-based minced products

  • Sausage products

    You are looking for the perfect solution for your vegan sausage production?

    Rely on our tailor-made solutions for highest efficiency and flexibility with our production lines that offer a vast range of applications.