Alginate Line CC215

Characteristics of the Alginate Line CC215:

  • Attachment for the production of sausages in an alginate casing with a portioning rate of up to 1800 portions per minute
    • More efficient production processes thanks to the direct transfer into a cooking unit, into trays or onto a hanging line

  • Calibre 10 to 32 
  • Sausage length from 40 mm to 1400 mm
  • May be used for petfood production

CC 215

Production of "pure" products
Vegetarian products, as well as halal or poultry sausages can be produced. The product remains "pure" since sheep or hog casings are no longer required.

Cost Savings
Continuous production using alginate casings for an endless product rope reduces costs by eliminating the rework required at the beginning and end of natural and synthetic casings.

High Production Speed
Production time is maximized because no time is spent on changing casings.

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