• The flexible dough portioner with a double screw for all tasks
  • Continuous, even product stream
  • Gentle processing of viscous or stiff masses - even with product inclusions
  • Versatile use, e.g. for the portion-precise production of rye and wheat doughs, shortcrust doughs, soft stirred and sand mass doughs
  • Processing of doughs with dough yields of 155 - 220
  • No cutting oil necessary
  • Very high weight accuracy
  • Weight range between 5g and 50,000g 
  • Easy and quick wet cleaning possible
  • Encapsulated stainless steel machine housing - prevents product residues or flour dust from entering the machine
  • Small footprint, easy maintenance and operation

The modular system

Gentle transport of different masses with different consistencies thanks to easily and quickly interchangeable attachments. 

Hygienic design

Easy machine access thanks to swivelling doors. All electronic components are located in an additionally protected area.