For sausage producers

Are you looking for the ideal solution for your sausage production process? Do you need a tailored solution for maximum efficiency and flexibility? The range of uses of our production lines are just as varied as the range of sausage products.


  • Sausage depositing unit


    With a maximum throughput speed of 600 sausages per minute, the machine deposits up to 25 sausages on one belt in parallel, depending on the calibre of the sausages.

  • Cutting machine TM203

    Cuts fresh sausages in natural and collagen casings.

  • Hanging machine AH212

    AH 212

    Device for automatic hanging of sausage strings.

  • Length portioning device LPV802

    LPV 802

    Casing holding device for automatic linking of sausages in natural casings with identical length

  • Length portioning device LPV802 universal

    LPV 802 universal

    Patented casing holding device for automatic linking of sausages of equal length

  • Casing applier DAG804

    Casing applier for rapid application of natural casing

  • Casing holding device DHV810

    DHV 810

    Casing holding device for the production of small-calibre products with natural casing

  • Casing holding device DHV841

    DHV 841

    Universal casing holding device for all casing types

  • Casing holding device DHV937

    DHV 937

    Attachment for all vacuum fillers for direct hanging on the linking gear

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG208 Servo

    Linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG209 Servo

    Length portioning machine with casing magazine for linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG213

    A length portioning machine for hot dogs featuring a fully automatic casing magazine for loading synthetic and collagen casings

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG214

    Length portioning machine for automatic use in cellulose and collagen casing applications for high production output

  • Flexible Sausage Line FSL210

    FSL 210

    Portioning, linking and separating device for sausages

  • Flexible Sausage Line FSL211

    FSL 211

    Portioning and linking unit for sausages

  • Alginat Line CC215

    Production of sausages in an alginate casing at high speed

  • AVG131

    Moveable portioning and linking machine

  • Link Loader LL335

    Link Loader LL335

    Can be used universally for sausages with collagen or alginate casings