Length Portioning Device LPG238 with Hanging Machine AH239

LPG238: Linking of sausages in artificial and collagen casing: The new reference

Filling valve with shut-off function

  • Optimized product post-carriage at the linking horn during casing changes or breaks
  • Significantly reduced number of parts thanks to intelligent, modular design
  • Quick diassembly without tools

Permanent centering of the linking horn thanks to VEMAG horn centering unit

  • Even thin linking horns for small calibers are mechanically centered in every direction
  • Electronical prevention of collisions caused by operating errors
  • Wear-free magnetic coupling to drive the linking horn

VEMAG gripper for reliable casing changes

  • Controlled handover of the casing from the extra-large casing magazine
  • Permanently supported casing for safe positioning on the linking horn
  • Integrated electromechanical caliber control

 Great precision using VEMAG divider belts

  • Continuous product flow during the filling and linking process
  • Precise linking guaranteeing identical sausage lengths


AH239: Flexible and efficient loading of the smoke stick for all product variations

Optimized ergonomics

  • Hanging at a constant working height of 1160 mm
  • Integrated drip tray with tool-free height adjustment

Reliable transfer of products

  • Adjustable hook speed to ensure sausage loops are caught perfectly
  • Intelligent hook advancement for perfect use of casing and reliable hanging up to the last loop
  • Optimized geometry for hook guidance creates perfect spacing in product transfer zone

Flexibility in terms of hooks

  • Choose different chain configurations for maximum flexibility
  • Hooks can be adjusted exactly to the spacings you require
  • Quick changing of the hooks without tools

Integrated scale 877 (optional):

  • Direct weight control at the line
  • Less weight deviations 
  • Reduction of give-away

Characteristics about Length Portioning Machine LPG238:

  • Greater process safety
  • Greater production availability
  • Less giveaway thanks to improved weights and lengths
  • Lower spare parts costs
  • High user-friendliness
  • Faster set-up times for increased productivity


Characteristics about Hanging Machine AH239:

  • Efficient and ergonomic working conditions
  • Exact adjustment of the hooks according to the required spacings
  • Formation of hook groups