Link Grouper LG336

Group fresh sausages fully automatically

Characteristics of the Link Grouper LL336:

  • Fully automatic filing of products
  • Flexibility in grouping and depositing
  • Optimal utilization of conveyor, freezer and oven belts, resulting in increased efficiency 
  • Consistently high product quality regardless of the type of casing used
  • Best possible product yield due to early sorting of the first, last and wrong (uncut, burst) products
  • Hygiene advantages due to virtually unmanned production
  • Modular design for operation of natural, collagen and alginate casings 


The depositing unit

  • Depositing of the formed groups on an existing freezer or oven belt, by pneumatically driven drop flaps
  • Number of sausages to be deposited in a row can be preselected and depends on the grouping belt length, carrier pitch and the freezer or oven belt width




Other features of the Link Grouper LG336:

  • Highly consistent quality of the end products 
  • Excellent hygienic conditions due to almost contactless production
  • High efficiency due to fully automatic product ejection (first, last and wrong portions, as well as burst and uncut portions) 
  • Cost savings due to unmanned product deposit
  • Uniform and high occupancy of freezer and oven belts
  • Automated process and reliable utilization of production 
  • Cost savings due to low manpower requirements and optimal loading of the freezer and oven belts